Every day we single out one VBB (VERY BEST BET).
You can view the results of those VBB's recorded since December 1st 2020 here:


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Once you pay you will be redirected to the CleverBet Facebook page.

Please like the page then message your receipt and you'll be sent a link to the members group. Tips are posted the night before and updated the next morning with any scratching's and quaddies are then added.

If you're happy with it then do nothing, it will bill you again for $25 in 4 weeks time.

Please note the following important information: 1. Payments are processed through PayPal which ensures you have Buyer Protection. 2. No full or partial refunds are applicable but we will allow a transfer of membership at our discretion. 3. As per recommended responsible gambling guidelines, once a subscription is cancelled we will remove you from the members group regardless of the time remaining on your subscription. No partial refunds will be applicable so if you do want to cancel your membership then we recommend you do so just before it's due again. 4. We are looking to bring in one or two more quality tipsters in 2021 to help share the workload and ensure that there is always at least one tipster available every day to provide our members with tips. 5. Should there be any days when there are no tips provided in the members group then we will credit you those days in the form of extra membership time.